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We aim to provide the perfect gift for every occasion – whether it’s Christmas, an anniversary, your best friend’s birthday, or just an ordinary week that needs a little bit of sweetening up!
Our Story
Our Story
How did we get to where we are today?
Sarah Lynn's confectionery adventure started in 2010 when she returned from travelling the world with her husband-to-be. Sarah had spent much of the trip thinking about her future, and she had always dreamed of running her own business after watching her dad build his while she was growing up. Her career up to that point had involved lots of corporate gift buying, and Sarah felt there was a gap in the market for people to give the gift of sweets with style and sophistication. The market was swamped with flower and chocolate products, but companies selling sweets were often offering sub-standard products in cheap packaging. Sarah wanted to do it differently, combining delicious sweets with premium, personalised packaging to create must-have gifts!

So Sarah returned from her travels and went back into full-time work to fund her project. Long before she even thought about applying for The Apprentice, Sarah was creating fabulous products that people actually wanted to purchase, and she tirelessly approached retailers and gift shops in order to sell through them and build her business. She got married, had a beautiful son, and juggled her work and home life with the business, going from strength to strength.
In 2017, Sarah decided that her confectionery business was ready for huge growth and she applied to be a candidate on BBC One’s The Apprentice. Sarah walked away as one of two winners in a historic £500,000 'double hiring'. This was the first time in 13 series of The Apprentice that Lord Sugar doubled his investment in the final, naming two Apprentice winners for 2017 and declaring Sarah a 'fantastic expert in her field'.

Sarah won The Apprentice because she demonstrated the potential of her business and all of the innovations she had planned for the future, such as the very well-received Letterbox Treats that are now available online.

With so many exciting new developments afoot – including brand new gifting formats, corporate products, a super subscription service and a unique range of sweets coming in Autumn 2018 – the future is definitely sweet!

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