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Monthly Sweet Boxes Delivered To Your Home OR Office!

The Sweet Society is Sweets in the City's monthly subscription service. If you want to receive a scrummy and carefully curated box of sweets on a regular basis without lifting a finger, we strongly recommend that you join The Sweet Society today - not only will you get a box of great sweets every month, you'll also get to try exclusive / limited edition sweets that aren't always available on our website!

1. Subscribe - enter your address and payment details. New subscriptions start on the 1st of every month.

2. We select and prepare your sweet box based on a mixture of products that are popular, delicious, trending and often new to market. You tasted it here first!

3. Your sweets are sent out to you around the 15th of each month, ready to share and enjoy. 

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Our City Sharer & Letterbox Treat is jam-packed
with tasty sweet treats.

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Sweet Society is our Sweet Subscription Service!
Sweet Society is our Sweet Subscription Service!

Why Join Sweet Society?

The Sweet Society members pay a monthly fee to receive a brilliant box of sweets every single month. These monthly sweet boxes are curated by the experts here at Sweets in the City - and trust us, we have excellent taste! This subscription service makes a superb present for confectionery lovers who deserve a regular sugar fix, but we'd be equally happy to have you if you're just ordering the sweets for yourself!

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Seasonal Sweets!

We don't throw just anything into our monthly sweet subscriptions - all treats are hand-picked and curated by our trusty staff, and if there's a special occasion coming up, you can rest assured that they'll send you some appropriate sweets!

For example, boxes at Easter time include a selection of Easter themed goodies, such as yummy jelly bunnies, and our October selection will contain a spooky selection of vampire fangs and other trick-or-treat favourites!

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Not Available To Trade Customers

Sorry – you’re currently signed in with a trade account, and we are unable to sell Subscription Boxes to our trade customers.

If you are interested in purchasing these products, please get in touch via our online enquiry form.