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Oct 10 2018

There are lots of options when it comes to sending a birthday card. Firstly, you need to find the perfect card and then decide what to write inside. You want them to know you’ve put some thought into it!

If your recipient is notorious for having a sweet tooth, why not take one of our birthday card ideas and send them a Sweets in the City Letterbox Treat? A Letterbox can be personalised on the inside and out, creating a memorable birthday gift that’s completely unique for your recipient!

Choosing the card

When choosing the perfect card for someone, you should try to think of things that remind you of them. How did you meet? Have you shared any special experiences together? Choosing something reminiscent of your friendship or relationship with someone can take a birthday card to the next level and stand out from others!

Share a Memory

Whether the memory is a big event you attended together, or something intimate and personal between you two, sharing a memory with someone is bound to put a smile on their face! It’ll also remind them to remember all the good experiences of the past if they’re feeling down about getting older.

Choose a Special Birthday Quote

If you’re struggling to find the right words to say, why not take to the internet for a little inspiration. There are plenty of quotes and birthday messages that you can tweak to suit your recipient - sometimes all we need is a little inspiration.

Send a Personalised Gift

If you’re still unsure what kind of birthday card to send, or what to say, why not combine the gift and card into one! Sweets in the City offers a huge variety of gifts including Jars of Joy and Giant Lollipops that can be personalised to wish someone happy birthday with very little effort!

So, you’ve finally found the perfect card and written a lovely message inside, why not take a look at Sweets in the City’s range of Birthday sweets to accompany your chosen card? Give someone the treat they deserve with our sweet birthday card ideas & gifts.

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Oct 03 2018

A great way of showing your customers that you appreciate and value their custom is by sending a personal thank-you gift. This not only demonstrates that you acknowledge their impact and help with your business, but it also provides a means of them to positively promote your company to their peers. Studies show that customers who receive something free and unexpected, are more inclined to shop more, so sending your customers thank-you gifts is definitely a worthwhile investment.

What’s the Best Thank-You Gift?

Choosing an appropriate thank-you gift can be difficult. Firstly, you want to make sure your customers can use and enjoy the gift that you send them. Secondly, you also want it to promote your business. That’s where Sweets in the City can help! We have an extensive collection of fully customisable corporate gifts that will give your customers a sweet treat whilst encouraging promotion of your brand – the perfect combination!

Our Corporate Sweets

Our Corporate Sweets can be customised to feature your business' look or a bespoke design of your choice. You can include personalised stickers, ribbon, packaging or gift tags to display your brand’s name, colours or logo. We also offer a range of products that are suitable for different dietary needs including, halal, sugar-free and gluten-free sweets, so you can be sure to appeal to all of your customers, no matter their needs!

Just a few Corporate Sweet Gifts available:

  • Miniature Sweet Jars
  • Branded Lollipops
  • Treat Tubs
  • Personalised Rock
  • Beautiful Bags

View our full Corporate Brochure below to see our entire collection of branded corporate sweet gifts and the many ways in which you can show your appreciation to valued customers while also increasing your brand awareness!

If you have any questions regarding our collection of Corporate Sweets or would like to get in contact with us to make an enquiry about ordering personalised sweets for your business, contact us today!

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Oct 01 2018

Liquorice Allsorts are the product of a happy accident. In 1899 one of Bassett’s sales representatives, called Charlie Thompson, dropped a tray of samples on the floor creating a muddle of sweets which would unknowingly become the Liquorice Allsorts we all know and love today.

At Sweets in the City, we’ve done our research about these colourful treats to bring you some of the most interesting facts about Liquorice Allsorts!

Where Did It All Begin?

The Bassett company, the father of many of our beloved sweets, was founded in 1842. The first Bassett sweet factory was opened shortly after in 1852 in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. The Bassetts factory has remained in Sheffield ever since!

Liquorice History

Liquorice Allsorts have only been gracing our sweet counters for the last hundred years or so, but liquorice has been a favourite throughout history. The Ancient Egyptians were especially fond of the sweet root, and historians even found some inside King Tutankhamun’s tomb!

Bertie Bassett

The iconic Liquorice Allsorts mascot, Bertie Bassett, was created by advertising copywriter Frank Regan. Bertie has truly become a recognisable British Figure over the years and recently wedded his high school sweetheart Betty (if you don’t believe us, take a look on YouTube!)

Liquorice Allsorts are unlike any other sweets on the market, truly distinguishable and totally delicious! If, like us, this blog has put you in the mood for some Liquorice Allsorts, then head over to our Pick & Mix page, find number 23 on our list and order yours today!

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Oct 01 2018

Are you planning a baby shower or looking for the perfect gift for a mum-to-be? Here at Sweets in the City, we have a huge range of sweets that are perfect for friends, family and mums-to-be.

Baby Shower

As some of you may know, we recently catered for our close friend and Sarah Lynn's fellow Apprentice contestant, Michaela Wain’s baby shower. While guests celebrated the upcoming arrival of Michaela and Harrison’s little Prince, they enjoyed a selection of Sweets in the City sweets and personalised lollipops - all of which can be easily recreated for your own baby shower.

Create a sweet table using our Pick & Mix range

One way to add a pop of colour and make sure there are sweets on offer that all of your guests can enjoy is to create a sweet table with a selection of yummy goodies from our Pick & Mix range.

We think that colour coordinating your sweets with your baby’s gender adds an adorable touch to any baby shower. Here are our suggestions of pink and blue sweets from our Pick & Mix range that are perfect for the job!  Display these sweeties in big glass jars with matching ribbons to ensure everyone knows that it’s a girl or boy!


  • Prosecco Sweets
  • Strawberry Swirl Lollipop
  • Strawberry Bonbons


  • Blue Raspberry Bonbons
  • Blue Paintballs


Personalised Lollipops

For a more personal touch, why not have our Giant Lollipops personalised to commemorate your baby shower. These lollies are a great gift for your guests during the baby shower, or to take home and enjoy later!

Mum’s Emergency Stash

If you’re struggling to think of a special gift to take to an upcoming baby shower, why not treat mummy-to-be to our Mum’s Emergency Stash? That way, she’ll always have a sweet treat on-hand to combat those sleepless nights.

It’s hard to think of a celebration sweeter than a baby shower, but we want to ensure that your baby shower is the sweetest it can be! Whether you are hosting or going to a baby shower in the coming months, we have the perfect treats for you!

Sep 18 2018

Halloween is approaching, you might be stocking up on pumpkins and deciding what you’re going to wear. But, thanks to busy lifestyles, prior commitments or fear of embarrassment, many of us won’t be trick or treating this year. Why not treat yourself, or a friend, to one of our spooky Halloween letterbox treats.


Trick or Treat Characters

This letterbox is ideal if you don’t want little ones knocking on doors and taking candy from strangers. The Halloween characters are scary and cute, the perfect treat for youngsters this Halloween.

Get One Here >

Trick or Treat!

This pumpkin orange letterbox treat is to die for! Its simple cobweb design and customisable label make this the perfect choice for an adult who deserves a special sweet treat this Halloween.

Order Yours Here >

Haunted Halloween

Our third and final Halloween letterbox is another perfect choice. We’ve combined a dark night scene with lots of pumpkin lanterns to create something quintessentially spooky! Send this box would be an amazing surprise for a Halloween lover with a sweet tooth.

Browse Our Halloween Letterbox Treats >

Trick or treating no longer requires you to spend all night outside in the cold. Treat someone to one of our spooky Letterbox Treats and give them a tasty Sweets in the City Halloween to remember.


Sep 14 2018

During the first week of October, Age UK wants us to connect with our Grannies and Grandads on Grandparent’s Day to remind them how important they are. Here at Sweets in the City, we think that refilling their sweet jar, that you’ve no doubt helped to empty over the years, is the perfect way to do so.

Refill the Beloved Sweetie Jar

Your Grandparents were notorious for sneaking you a handful of Jelly Beans or Dolly Mixture when you were little, so why not repay the favour by gifting them their own ‘To Sweeten Your Day’ Giant Jar of Joy, or personalise one just for them? Hand deliver this gift and spend the day reminding your grandparents how much you love and appreciate them.

Have Your Gift Posted Directly Through the Letterbox

Our Letterbox Treats are an obvious choice of gift for Grandparent’s Day if you don’t have the time to visit them personally. You can combine a sentimental message with a sweet surprise, all while eliminating the need for Granny or Grandad to answer the door to a stranger. A winner all-round.

So, if you want to make your grandparents feel extra special this October then head over to Sweets in the City to find the perfect gift to sweeten their day. Don’t forget to check out Age UK’s website to see how you can support our grandparents all year round.

Sep 11 2018

Becoming a big brother or sister can make little ones feel jealous. They’re no longer the centre of Mum and Dad’s attention and this can be hard for them to understand. Sweets in the City recommends treating them to a yummy gift so they feel included as visitors arrive with lots of presents for the new baby.


A personalised gift from Sweets in the City is guaranteed to make any new brother or sister feel important. Above are examples of our Giant Lollipops and Jars of Joy that have been customised for the occasion. Guaranteed to make the little ones feel special.

You’re a Star

When Mum and Dad are busy preparing for the arrival of a new little one, big brothers and sisters may find themselves having to be very patient and well behaved. Our Little Jar of Star Sweets is the perfect way to let them know they’re a star. The perfect size for children, these fun gummy stars come in a mixture of blackcurrant, elderberry and grape flavours.

Sweets in the City offers customisation on almost all products, making it easier than ever for new brothers and sisters to feel included in the arrival of their sweet new sibling.

Sep 07 2018

Looking for the perfect gift for Dad? Here we showcase our sweet treats that are ideal for; Dads that like to stash, nostalgic Dads and trendy Dads.



The Dad Stash

If you know a Dad who likes to stash his sugary treats where thieving hands can’t find them, why not treat him to his own Tuck Shop Sweet Box? Inside the Tuck Shop Sweet Box, Dad will find a variety of old-school tuck shop sweets and chocolate bars, all concealed inside a handy box. So good, he might even share!



Retro Dad

Dads notoriously love a blast from the past. Sweets in the City can help you transport him back to the 80’s with our Retro Classic range. Includes retro favourites such as; Refresher Chews, Cola Bottles & Flying Saucers. Customise our labels to send Dad a special message.

Trendy Dad

Gin sales are rocketing this year. If you know a Dad who likes to follow the trends and is partial to a gin & tonic, treat him to our Gin & Tonic Sweets.

Sweets in the City think Dads deserve some sweet recognition for everything they do for us. Whether you’re buying for a new dad or your own dad, we are guaranteed to have a gift to make him smile.

Sep 03 2018


Do you know a sweet-toothed student about to start university? Whether you want to wish them good luck, save them from spending their valuable student finance on sweets throughout the year, or send them a little pick-me-up to nurse the freshers' week hangover, Sweets in the City has lots to offer.


A personalised gift from Sweets in the City is the perfect way to wish someone good luck on their new adventure. Why not check out our Super Shakes, Giant Lollipops or Jars of Joy, that are all easily customisable to show your support.



Students like to know you’re thinking of them… even if they can’t seem to text you back. If you want to ensure that they have delicious sweet treats to look forward to throughout the year, we recommend signing up for our monthly subscription, Sweet Society.


Freshers week is guaranteed to leave students all over the country a little worse for wear. Why not treat someone to the perfect Hangover Cure. Guaranteed to be a bigger hit than a leftover kebab.

For more bespoke gifts and a huge range of others, browse the Sweets in the City website. Students everywhere will no doubt thank you for a sweet treat to get them through those tricky assignments!

Aug 17 2018

Admit it, we all have those times where we struggle to write the perfect message in a card or on a gift. We either know exactly what we want to say and just can’t find a way to get it out or we’ve hit a wall where our mind has gone completely blank and end up writing the same thing as last year. Not everyone is naturally good with words, so to help, we have come up with a few tips that will make your message writing a whole lot easier. Our Letterbox Treats double up as a fantastic card, and all of our wonderful sweet gifts allow you to write a personalised message will also definitely go a long way! 


Be complimentary

If you are close to the person you are writing for, don’t be afraid to throw in a compliment or two! They will help in making the recipient feel special in knowing that you admire certain qualities that they possess and will show that you appreciate them. Something like, “I am the luckiest person in the world to have such a sweet and funny friend like you.”

Make the message unique

Writing a message that is unique to the person you’re writing for is definitely one of the best ways to make your message stand out from others, especially if you’re writing for an occasion such as a birthday where the recipient will be receiving a bunch of cards! A personal message that only you and they will understand is the way to go here. Either an inside joke that nobody else would know about or a more traditional message such as “I hope you get those pair of shoes that you were hoping for.”  This shows not only that you’ve taken the time to think about the person, but that you actually listen to them and pay attention to what they have to say when you’re with them.

Be funny

Even though every message that a person reads is appreciated, most of them tend to say the same, unimaginative things. By doing this, your message will be the same as the one before and the same as the next. By adding an element of humour, especially something that’s personal, you’ll make any reader smile and remember your message at the very end.

Be honest

This relates to messages that are a little more heart-felt rather than casual. Something you’d write to a significant other rather than a friend. Here, honesty is the best policy and the key is writing something that comes from the heart. You don’t have to write a cheesy poem or anything like that, just something that shows the recipient how you really feel.

Writing the perfect message is only as difficult as you make it. It’s easy to over-think and get stuck on what to write, so take your time and even practice if you need to. Once you’re happy with what you’ve got, you can then transfer it over to the card and send it with the perfect gift – one of our Jars of Joy perhaps!? If you follow our simple tips, you will be an expert in writing the perfect message, no matter the occasion.