Sweets in the City
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Feb 05 2020


Giving sweets, love hearts, and heart-shaped cards are all common customs on Valentine’s Day. But why do we bother with these traditions anyway? In this blog, we take a look at contemporary Valentine’s Day and how you can give your partner a mesmerising and love encapsulated surprise for the special day.


Does anyone wonder how and when Cupid’s special day began? One of the common beliefs is that during the 1800’s, lovelorn patients were told by their doctors to eat as many treats as possible to soothe their nerves. It is also thought that as far back as the era of the Aztec empire, sweet treats were considered an aphrodisiac and was used to win love.

There are also other reasons that sweet treats bring us and our partners together, and it’s not our fault! The mental craving comes from serotonin – this being a neurotransmitter that puts us in a great mood and moderates a sense of wellbeing!

Another reason is due to our primate heritage; the human tongue can detect four basic flavours — salt, sour, bitter and sweet, but humans are naturally drawn to sweet because we are primates, animals that evolved eating fruit in the trees.

Even the act of licking a lollipop or chewing on one of our Vegan Duals can lift your mood. While we won’t go as far as saying that candy is the answer to a stressful day, some evidence suggests that very well may be the case.

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It will be the ultimate expression of love and is bound to make your lover feel very special and cherished. Why don't you treat yourself to some yummy sweet treats? We have a whole host of sweets to choose from on our Love Collection page, or you can choose something from one of are other Collections and enjoy!

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