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Jun 24 2019

So, after months of hard work behind the scenes, the Sweets in the City team are super proud to finally announce to you the introduction of our brand-new premium vegan sweets range – Duals!

Available to pre-order online directly from the Sweets in the City website today to be delivered from 1st July and exclusively in Waitrose from 8th July, our new Duals sweet range offers you a new, delicious way to satisfy your sweet cravings totally guilt-free. Manufactured with a bespoke tool and mould that gives you a sweet as you’ve never had before and available in 4 mouth-watering flavours, our new Duals range is just the sweet that you’ve been waiting for!

Not only are our new Dual sweets available in the 4 tasty flavours above, but they also come in two different sizes, perfect for any time of the day! A Larger 125g bag, ideal for indulging by yourself or sharing with others, and a smaller 50g bag, just the thing you need for a quick ‘grab and go’ snack option. Unlike any other sweets currently on the market, Sweets in the City’s Duals sweets have been created with a pectin jelly centre, offering a real fruit juice taste! As well as being vegan-friendly, Duals are also gluten-free, perfect for sweet lovers with gluten intolerance that want to sit back and enjoy a flavoursome sweet treat. But it doesn’t end there. Duals are also available with our famous Letterbox Treats!

With a totally new design, our Duals Letterbox Treat will come exclusively filled with four 50g impulse bags of each flavour, so you or whoever you decide to send the Letterbox Treat to get the chance to try out our entire new range! Better still, the limited-edition Letterbox Treat will be available to order for just £9.99 including delivery, yes including delivery! So, be sure to get your hands on this fantastic sweet gift as fast as you can. Full personalisation will still be available for that extra-special touch to any friend or family member that are vegan or gluten intolerant.


And there you have it, our new Duals sweets range! Available to order online from 1st July from our website below – keep your eyes peeled on our socials for more news and updates and we look forward to hearing from you all on launch day!

Pre-Order Duals >

Nov 26 2018

The Sweets in the City team have handpicked products from across our Christmas collection that will look perfect nestled under the Christmas tree or tucked into a stocking by the fireplace. Whether you’re looking for a festive Christmas eve gift or a jar full of American candy favourites, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a little inspiration for how you can give your loved ones the sweetest Christmas this year.

A Christmas Eve Treat

Some of us follow the tradition of having one gift to open on the night before Christmas. Some people even create a box of smaller gifts that can be used on Christmas eve to get children (and adults) into the Christmas spirit. These boxes contain things like, a Christmas pair of pyjamas, a Christmas movie to watch before bed, and some Christmas treats to enjoy while watching it!

We think that our Merry and Bright Super Shake would be an amazing addition to your Christmas eve box, or as a stand-alone Christmas Eve treat!

Order a Merry & Bright Shake here >

Give an American sweet lover a festive treat

We all know someone who adores American sweets, so here at Sweets in the City, we’ve created a Christmas Jar of Joy filled with iconic American candy! This jar not only contains American favourites such as:

  • Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups
  • Nerds
  • Tootsie Rolls

but it can also be personalised for FREE! Whether Santa pops this Jar of Joy under the Christmas tree as a festive surprise, or you add it to an American themed stocking, it’s sure to be a hit.

Order a Christmas Candy Jar here >

Remember that all of our sweet gifts can be personalised and delivered for FREE. Take a look at everything Sweets in the City has to offer here or view the rest of our Christmas top picks here!

Nov 15 2018

Now that November is upon us, the organised people amongst us will be starting to plan for this year’s round of Secret Santa!

Did you know that the tradition of Secret Santa began in Scandinavia and was originally known as Juklapp or “knocking Christmas”? Secret Santa would knock on someone’s door, wait for it to open, throw a present inside and then quickly run away. This festive tradition might be a little questionable nowadays and has (luckily) evolved into the less invasive Secret Santa tradition we know today.

Drawing a name out of the hat is the easy part of Secret Santa., choosing a secret Santa gift is the challenging part… especially if you’re buying one for someone you don’t know very well. Whether you’re buying a secret Santa gift for a work colleague, a family member or a school friend, we think our Super Shakes are a foolproof choice, here’s why.

Secret Santa Super Shake

Here you can see our Merry & Bright Super Shake that has been personalised to make a Secret Santa gift. This Super Shake is perfect as a Secret Santa gift because it has a yummy festive fill and a label that can be personalised for FREE! That means you can create a special sweet gift that is sure to make anyone smile, for under £10!

Do you know your recipient loves a certain type of sweets, for example; fizzy sweets or retro sweets? Why not choose a different Super Shake that’s more to their taste from our range? You can turn any of our Super Shakes into the perfect Secret Santa gift by customising it & having it delivered for free. Here, you can see a Fizzy Heaven Super Shake that we’ve personalised to show you how your special gift would look.

View all our Super Shakes Here >

Our Super Shakes are our top pick as Secret Santa gifts because they fit perfectly within most people’s Secret Santa budgets, and they look delightful when they’re personalised. However, all of our sweet gifts can be personalised and delivered completely free of charge to suit your Secret Santa needs!

Why not head to our site to view all our sweet gifts and give your Secret Santa recipient a Christmas to remember!

Head to the site >

Nov 08 2018

It’s nearly that time of year again where families, friends and co-workers spend time together, share in the festivities and most importantly, exchange gifts. Yep, you’ve guessed it, Christmas! Despite being nearly six weeks away, you can never be 'too prepared' when it comes to Christmas, especially when it involves buying the perfect gift. Something that many people may find a difficult task to achieve, especially if they don’t really know the person that they are buying the gift for! This is the kind of dilemma you’re likely to find within a working setting when you’re faced with having to buy a gift for a colleague, employee or client. As daunting as this may seem, however, it really doesn’t have to be, with our range of fully personalised sweets providing you with the perfect corporate Christmas gift! Carry on reading to find out the different ways in which you can use our products to solve your corporate Christmas gift problems!


Corporate Range

One of the ways in which you can use our sweets gifts for a memorable Christmas gift is by personalising them with branded corporate visuals, such as logos, names, straplines and colours (as seen in the image above). This is a clever way of not only showing appreciation and thought for the recipient, but a unique form of increasing brand awareness, something any business would value highly. The possibilities here are endless, with such a wide range of sweets gifts available for you to customise, from Boiled Lollies, Super Shakes, Jars of Joy and even Letterbox Treats that can contain a personal message, we are confident that these can fill the quota when it comes to alternative corporate Christmas gifts.


Christmas Range

If branded corporate gifts aren’t enough to meet your Christmassy expectations, then our collection of Christmas sweets gifts will definitely be! Filled with candy canes, reindeers and gingerbread men, our festive themed Shakes and Jars of Joy are packed to the brim with Christmas spirit, leaving no doubt that whoever is the recipient of these joyful goodies is sure to be left with a smile, as well as having their sweet tooth pleasantly satisfied. Don’t forget, that each one of our Christmas sweet gifts can be fully personalised to contain a unique message by you to the receiver, making your gift that extra bit unforgettable.

No matter what sort of unusual corporate gifts that you’re looking for at Christmas time, we are sure that you’ll be able to find something amongst our Corporate or Christmas ranges. To view the full collection of either of these ranges, simply hit the buttons below and select the sweet gift that you want - Good luck!

Corporate Range >

Christmas Range >

Nov 02 2018

Here at Sweets in the City, we think that waiting for your presents to come down the chimney is so last year! This year we have created two personalisable Christmas Letterbox Treats that are sure to provide a little more festive sparkle than a standard Christmas card and just as much excitement as a stack of presents under the tree.

Merry Christmas Letterbox

Our Merry Christmas Letterbox Treats come in a beautiful box adorned with adorable gingerbread men, Christmas candies and stars. Perfect for younger sweet lovers! We have written Merry Christmas on the front of our boxes, but you can customise both the front label and message inside to make this gift extra special.


Season to be Jolly

Looking to send a gift that adults can get giddy about this Christmas? Check out our Season to be Jolly Letterbox Treat. We have chosen a black and gold design that perfectly compliments those chilly winter nights. Like our other Letterbox Treats, this box is easily customisable and a perfect gift for a grown-up sweet lover!



If you know someone with a sweet-tooth who deserves a special treat this Christmas, head over to Sweets in the City to check out our entire Christmas range - Merry Christmas!

View Our Christmas Range >

Oct 03 2018

A great way of showing your customers that you appreciate and value their custom is by sending a personal thank-you gift. This not only demonstrates that you acknowledge their impact and help with your business, but it also provides a means of them to positively promote your company to their peers. Studies show that customers who receive something free and unexpected, are more inclined to shop more, so sending your customers thank-you gifts is definitely a worthwhile investment.

What’s the Best Thank-You Gift?

Choosing an appropriate thank-you gift can be difficult. Firstly, you want to make sure your customers can use and enjoy the gift that you send them. Secondly, you also want it to promote your business. That’s where Sweets in the City can help! We have an extensive collection of fully customisable corporate gifts that will give your customers a sweet treat whilst encouraging promotion of your brand – the perfect combination!

Our Corporate Sweets

Our Corporate Sweets can be customised to feature your business' look or a bespoke design of your choice. You can include personalised stickers, ribbon, packaging or gift tags to display your brand’s name, colours or logo. We also offer a range of products that are suitable for different dietary needs including, halal, sugar-free and gluten-free sweets, so you can be sure to appeal to all of your customers, no matter their needs!

Just a few Corporate Sweet Gifts available:

  • Miniature Sweet Jars
  • Branded Lollipops
  • Treat Tubs
  • Personalised Rock
  • Beautiful Bags

View our full Corporate Brochure below to see our entire collection of branded corporate sweet gifts and the many ways in which you can show your appreciation to valued customers while also increasing your brand awareness!

If you have any questions regarding our collection of Corporate Sweets or would like to get in contact with us to make an enquiry about ordering personalised sweets for your business, contact us today!

View Our Corporate Brochure >

Oct 01 2018

Are you planning a baby shower or looking for the perfect gift for a mum-to-be? Here at Sweets in the City, we have a huge range of sweets that are perfect for friends, family and mums-to-be.

Baby Shower

As some of you may know, we recently catered for our close friend and Sarah Lynn's fellow Apprentice contestant, Michaela Wain’s baby shower. While guests celebrated the upcoming arrival of Michaela and Harrison’s little Prince, they enjoyed a selection of Sweets in the City sweets and personalised lollipops - all of which can be easily recreated for your own baby shower.

Create a sweet table using our Pick & Mix range

One way to add a pop of colour and make sure there are sweets on offer that all of your guests can enjoy is to create a sweet table with a selection of yummy goodies from our Pick & Mix range.

We think that colour coordinating your sweets with your baby’s gender adds an adorable touch to any baby shower. Here are our suggestions of pink and blue sweets from our Pick & Mix range that are perfect for the job!  Display these sweeties in big glass jars with matching ribbons to ensure everyone knows that it’s a girl or boy!


  • Prosecco Sweets
  • Strawberry Swirl Lollipop
  • Strawberry Bonbons


  • Blue Raspberry Bonbons
  • Blue Paintballs


Personalised Lollipops

For a more personal touch, why not have our Giant Lollipops personalised to commemorate your baby shower. These lollies are a great gift for your guests during the baby shower, or to take home and enjoy later!

Mum’s Emergency Stash

If you’re struggling to think of a special gift to take to an upcoming baby shower, why not treat mummy-to-be to our Mum’s Emergency Stash? That way, she’ll always have a sweet treat on-hand to combat those sleepless nights.

It’s hard to think of a celebration sweeter than a baby shower, but we want to ensure that your baby shower is the sweetest it can be! Whether you are hosting or going to a baby shower in the coming months, we have the perfect treats for you!

Sep 18 2018

Halloween is approaching, you might be stocking up on pumpkins and deciding what you’re going to wear. But, thanks to busy lifestyles, prior commitments or fear of embarrassment, many of us won’t be trick or treating this year. Why not treat yourself, or a friend, to one of our spooky Halloween letterbox treats.


Trick or Treat Characters

This letterbox is ideal if you don’t want little ones knocking on doors and taking candy from strangers. The Halloween characters are scary and cute, the perfect treat for youngsters this Halloween.

Get One Here >

Trick or Treat!

This pumpkin orange letterbox treat is to die for! Its simple cobweb design and customisable label make this the perfect choice for an adult who deserves a special sweet treat this Halloween.

Order Yours Here >

Haunted Halloween

Our third and final Halloween letterbox is another perfect choice. We’ve combined a dark night scene with lots of pumpkin lanterns to create something quintessentially spooky! Send this box would be an amazing surprise for a Halloween lover with a sweet tooth.

Browse Our Halloween Letterbox Treats >

Trick or treating no longer requires you to spend all night outside in the cold. Treat someone to one of our spooky Letterbox Treats and give them a tasty Sweets in the City Halloween to remember.


Sep 14 2018

During the first week of October, Age UK wants us to connect with our Grannies and Grandads on Grandparent’s Day to remind them how important they are. Here at Sweets in the City, we think that refilling their sweet jar, that you’ve no doubt helped to empty over the years, is the perfect way to do so.

Refill the Beloved Sweetie Jar

Your Grandparents were notorious for sneaking you a handful of Jelly Beans or Dolly Mixture when you were little, so why not repay the favour by gifting them their own ‘To Sweeten Your Day’ Giant Jar of Joy, or personalise one just for them? Hand deliver this gift and spend the day reminding your grandparents how much you love and appreciate them.

Have Your Gift Posted Directly Through the Letterbox

Our Letterbox Treats are an obvious choice of gift for Grandparent’s Day if you don’t have the time to visit them personally. You can combine a sentimental message with a sweet surprise, all while eliminating the need for Granny or Grandad to answer the door to a stranger. A winner all-round.

So, if you want to make your grandparents feel extra special this October then head over to Sweets in the City to find the perfect gift to sweeten their day. Don’t forget to check out Age UK’s website to see how you can support our grandparents all year round.

Sep 11 2018

Becoming a big brother or sister can make little ones feel jealous. They’re no longer the centre of Mum and Dad’s attention and this can be hard for them to understand. Sweets in the City recommends treating them to a yummy gift so they feel included as visitors arrive with lots of presents for the new baby.


A personalised gift from Sweets in the City is guaranteed to make any new brother or sister feel important. Above are examples of our Giant Lollipops and Jars of Joy that have been customised for the occasion. Guaranteed to make the little ones feel special.

You’re a Star

When Mum and Dad are busy preparing for the arrival of a new little one, big brothers and sisters may find themselves having to be very patient and well behaved. Our Little Jar of Star Sweets is the perfect way to let them know they’re a star. The perfect size for children, these fun gummy stars come in a mixture of blackcurrant, elderberry and grape flavours.

Sweets in the City offers customisation on almost all products, making it easier than ever for new brothers and sisters to feel included in the arrival of their sweet new sibling.