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Nov 15 2018

Now that November is upon us, the organised people amongst us will be starting to plan for this year’s round of Secret Santa!

Did you know that the tradition of Secret Santa began in Scandinavia and was originally known as Juklapp or “knocking Christmas”? Secret Santa would knock on someone’s door, wait for it to open, throw a present inside and then quickly run away. This festive tradition might be a little questionable nowadays and has (luckily) evolved into the less invasive Secret Santa tradition we know today.

Drawing a name out of the hat is the easy part of Secret Santa., choosing a secret Santa gift is the challenging part… especially if you’re buying one for someone you don’t know very well. Whether you’re buying a secret Santa gift for a work colleague, a family member or a school friend, we think our Super Shakes are a foolproof choice, here’s why.

Secret Santa Super Shake

Here you can see our Merry & Bright Super Shake that has been personalised to make a Secret Santa gift. This Super Shake is perfect as a Secret Santa gift because it has a yummy festive fill and a label that can be personalised for FREE! That means you can create a special sweet gift that is sure to make anyone smile, for under £10!

Do you know your recipient loves a certain type of sweets, for example; fizzy sweets or retro sweets? Why not choose a different Super Shake that’s more to their taste from our range? You can turn any of our Super Shakes into the perfect Secret Santa gift by customising it & having it delivered for free. Here, you can see a Fizzy Heaven Super Shake that we’ve personalised to show you how your special gift would look.

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Our Super Shakes are our top pick as Secret Santa gifts because they fit perfectly within most people’s Secret Santa budgets, and they look delightful when they’re personalised. However, all of our sweet gifts can be personalised and delivered completely free of charge to suit your Secret Santa needs!

Why not head to our site to view all our sweet gifts and give your Secret Santa recipient a Christmas to remember!

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