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Basket Summary
Jun 27 2018

Here at Sweets in the City, we know a thing or two about keeping customers sweet - if you're looking for corporate gifts to give out to clients, or simply want a new and unique form of brand publicity, our bespoke lollipops are an amazing choice. To see what our bespoke branded lollipops can do for your business, read on and find out how they helped web design company Designer Websites!

Branded lollipops

Case Study: Bespoke Lollipops for Designer Websites

The Sweets in the City branded lollipop service allows businesses to customise one of our delicious lollipops to fit your brand. These giant lollipops are available in a variety of flavours and colours - in the case of Designer Websites, the company opted to feature their logo on the lollipop, with the colour matched to their trademark shade of blue.

Designer Websites found that getting these promotional lollipops provided an excellent opportunity to show appreciation for customers, while also generating publicity for their brand. The beautiful look of a bespoke lollipop is sure to draw the eye - so much so, that Designer Websites keep some of these lollies in their meeting room, on display for meetings with clients and potential customers.

It doesn't end there though. Designer Websites were thrilled to receive such positive feedback from their customers!

One client commented:

"Thanks for the lolly sweets in the post, they really gave everyone a smile!"

While another said:

"Thank you for the lollies! Never seen so much excitement here!"

Such enthusiastic reviews really speak volumes about the benefits of ordering these personalised promotional lollipops for your business.

Adding these bespoke lollipops to your branded goods is sure to sweeten the end of customer meetings and make for a different kind of promotion that people will really remember (and enjoy!).

Whatever your business, and whatever you'd like these lollipops to say - it's all possible with this customisable feature. Whether you'd just like your company logo, or want to plug your website and social media accounts, we can make it happen.

So, don't hang about, go to this page and order promotional lollipops for your business today (and if you order a few sweets for yourself along the way, we won't tell anyone).