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Oct 22 2018

Halloween Pumpkin

With summer over and Christmas still a little while away, it's Halloween that everyone's excited about right now. The 31st of October is always a great opportunity for fun and shenanigans, and even if you're a bit too old for trick-or-treating (or you simply prefer to spend your autumn nights indoors), you can still throw a spooktacular Halloween party to mark the occasion!

We love a good Halloween hoedown here at Sweets in the City - here are some suggestions to help you organise your own end-of-October bash:


Halloween Party Games

A great Halloween party is all about the games! Try these old favourites, and make sure you have plenty of sweets on hand to give away as prizes!

  • Bobbing for Apples - Fill a bowl, basin or bucket with water and drop a few apples in (one per player). The apples will float on the surface of the water - players take it in turns to pick up an apple using only their mouths, no hands allowed. Be sure to keep a towel handy!

  • Doughnuts on Strings - Buy a pack of ring doughnuts and tie a string around each one. Hang the doughnuts from a line and challenge players to eat their doughnut without using their hands. The first person to finish the whole doughnut wins!

  • Jelly Babies in Flour - A sweet alternative to apple bobbing! Heap some flour on a plate (you can also use icing sugar if you prefer) and arrange some jelly babies in the flour. Players take it in turns to pick up a jelly baby using only their teeth...and hopefully get their faces covered in flour in the process. (Speaking of jelly babies, have you read these fun facts about everyone's favourite wibbly-wobbly sweets?)

  • Memory Game - Arrange a variety of objects on a tray. Halloween-themed objects are ideal: rubber spiders, vampire fangs, fake eyeballs, and so on. Give everybody a minute to memorise the items on the tray, then cover it up with a tea towel and secretly remove one object. The aim of the game is to spot which item has gone missing - the person who guesses correctly gets to remove the next object.


Other Activities to Try

  • Get dressed up! Fancy dress is one of the best things about Halloween - it's always fun to see what gruesome and creative costumes your friends have come up with! If you're feeling lazy, of course, you can always cut two holes in a bedsheet and dress up a ghost...or just cover some old clothes in fake blood and go to the party as a zombie version of yourself. But it's always better to do something a bit more imaginative if possible!

  • Carve a pumpkin! Nothing says 'Halloween' like a jack-o'-lantern. Be careful when using a knife to give your pumpkin a suitably menacing grin - if you're not sure how to do it, have a read of this guide from BBC Good Food.

  • Decorate your home! If you're hosting a Halloween party, you should make sure your home looks the part before welcoming your guests. Obviously you can buy all sort of fab things online or in your local shop, but it might be even more fun to create your own decorations - grinning ghosts, black-winged bats, and scary spiders are all surprisingly easy to create. Check out these ideas from


Halloween Party Treats

Of course, it would be Halloween without a few sweet treats to share out! We've got plenty to choose from here at Sweets in the City, including...

Spooky Halloween Treats

Spooky Treats Super Shake

This large shake is filled with delicious Halloween-themed treats! Grab a couple of shakes to pass around at your party, or add a personalised message and send someone special a dreadfully delicious Halloween gift!

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Halloween Letterbox Treats

Letterbox Treats

We've added three great 'Trick or Treat' designs to our popular range of letterbox-friendly sweet gifts! Customise the Halloween-themed box and send it to someone special to wish them a happy Halloween.

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Pick & Mix

We've got plenty of other treats to choose from in our Pick & Mix section, including vampire fangs, jelly eyeballs, and sugar-coated worms. Pick your favourites and buy in bulk to make sure you've got plenty for everyone at your Halloween party!

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Pumpkin photo from Pixabay